How to Apply

How to Apply to the SECC

Applications for the 2020 SECC are currently closed.

Applications for next year's campaign will open in January 2021 for charities providing statewide services and March 2021 for charities providing services in one local region of Texas.

The State Employee Charitable Campaign is an open campaign and encourages all qualified organizations to apply.

A charitable organization that does not spend more than 25% of its annual revenue for administrative fundraising expenses is in good financial standing and has local or statewide presence is potentially eligible to participate in the SECC.

There are other requirements in order to participate, however if the charitable organization fulfills the requirements mentioned above it is recommended to pursue completing a full application.

Next Steps

If your organization provides services to two or more non-contiguous metropolitan areas of Texas, please refer to the statewide application information below and contact the State Campaign Manager for any questions.

Note: An organization wishing to apply as a statewide organization must be apply through one of the statewide federations.

If your organization provides services to one local region, please refer to the local application information below and contact your Local Campaign Manager to apply. Need to know which SECC region you serve? Check our SECC region map here.