How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in participating in this year’s State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC)!

The SECC gives all current and retired state and higher education employees in Texas the opportunity to contribute to charitable organizations. Since its beginning, state employees have contributed more than $189 million to participating organizations!


Statewide Charity Applications

If your organization provides services to two or more non-contiguous metropolitan areas of Texas, please refer to the statewide application information below. An organization wishing to apply as a statewide organization must apply through one of the statewide federations.

*NEW* Click Here to Register and Access the 2021 Online Application (For Statewide Charities Only)

Each person filling-out an online application will need to register using the link above to be able to access the form. Using the login that they create, users will then be able to access the application form. An individual user may submit more than one application, if they are filling-out applications for multiple federation members. Users may also save their work and complete it at a later date prior to the application deadline.

The application deadline for a statewide federation and its affiliated charities is:

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 

All application documentation must be received by the State Campaign Manager by 5PM CST on this date. Before submitting your application, please check to ensure that all required information is included and accurate. Not providing accurate and complete documentation may result in a denial.

Note2021 online applications are only open to statewide charity federations and members. All local charities will apply through their SECC Local Campaign Managers

Questions about the statewide charity application? Please contact Megan Hall:


Local Charity Applications

If your organization provides services to one local region, please contact your Local Campaign Manager to apply.

Need to know which SECC region you serve? Check our SECC region map here.

The application opening and deadline for a local charity or charity federation and its members varies by local region, but will generally begin in mid-February and close the last week of March.


All SECC statewide and local applicants are encouraged to review the following statute and regulations: 

Examples for Local Charities and Charity Federations: 

  • 2020 Application Form
  • 2020 local charity application instructions (generic) – Note: The deadline to apply for the 2020 SECC has passed and the 2021 deadlines will be posted soon. Deadlines and delivery details vary from region to region, so please contact your Local Campaign Manager for the specific 2021 deadline and where to submit your application. Not sure which region your organization is in? Click here for a map of SECC regions.
    • 2021 is a “re-certification” year for all eligible statewide and local charities. See the application instructions for details;.
  • Application checklist (federations) (federation members) designed to help you as you complete application forms

Re-certification Resources (For Statewide and Local Charities as Needed): 

Other Resources (For Statewide and Local Charities as Needed):