Welcome to the Texas State Employee Charitable Campaign!

For 25 years, State of Texas employees have embraced fellow Texans through the SECC by contributing millions of dollars each year…one gift at a time.

Since 1994, State, higher education, and retired employees in Texas have contributed more than $175 million to provide meals to hungry children, service dogs for our veterans, support cancer survivors, and more! 

Pledge today and keep Texas strong!

3 Easy Steps to Make a Pledge

  1. Click on your SECC Region below
  2. Sign-up as a new donor or log-in if you have given online before
  3. Choose your contribution amount and which charity(ies) you want to impact



















Need help making a pledge online? Click here for a step-by-step guide

Need help searching for SECC charities to support? There are two ways to search, online or in print:

  • Online - Click here to search 2018 SECC Charities
  • In print - Click here to view a PDF of your SECC region’s charity directory 
  • Not sure if your state agency/ university is offering online pledging this year? Click here for a listing of state agencies and universities 

    • Note: Some universities offer online giving through a different online platform.  If you do not see your agency or university listed, please reach out to your SECC Campaign Coordinator or your Local Campaign Manager.

    Giving through the SECC is now a one-step process — whether you use a paper form, or give online.
    State employees no longer have to use a paper form and enter their pledges on CAPPS.

    Still have questions? Contact your agency’s Campaign Coordinator or your SECC Local Campaign Manager.  We are here to help!

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    Our 2017 SECC statewide goal is $8,461,000.  Did you know? If half of the 267,000+ state employees each gave $65, we can meet this goal.  It takes everyone working together to support our state.  Thank you for your consideration!

    Message from SECC Honorary Campaign Chairs:

    Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Speaker Joe Straus

    (click photo to view Lt. Governor Patrick's video, scroll down for Speaker Straus' letter)

    picture of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Letter of support for the SECC from Speaker Joe Straus

    Important Campaign News

    Retired Employee Giving

    For more than two decades, State of Texas employees have generously supported the SECC throughout their careers — and many want to continue their public service of charitable giving once retired.

    Did you know?
    If every retiree in Central Texas contributed $50
    to a favorite charity via the SECC

    our community would gain


    to support community resources and human services!

    MAKING A DIFFERENCE is as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. select from hundreds of vetted charities,

    2. complete a SECC pledge form, and

    3. mail your contribution to your local SECC campaign manager.

    THANK YOU … to the many retired State of Texas employees who have contributed to the SECC throughout their careers — and beyond!