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The State Employees Charitable Campaign provides State of Texas employees with the most efficient and consistent pathway possible for charitable giving, payroll deduction. Employees can contribute to nearly 1,000 charities which support the communities in which they live, work, volunteer and raise their families.

Thanks to the generosity of state employees, the 2016 Capital Area campaign raised $1.97 Million! 

map of Capital Area SECC service area

Capital Area – State Employee Charitable Campaign 


Celebrate the success and learn more about volunteer opportunities:

SECC Summer 2017 Quarterly, The Philanthropic Texan

                Hear from fellow public employees: Why I Give

                Charity Spotlight: How United Way for Greater Austin Stays Two-Steps Ahead

                Charity Spotlight: Providing Homes to Those That Protect Our Home

                Coordinator Corner: Workplace Ambassador Conference

                Get Involved: Volunteer Opportunities in Your Neighborhood

                From the Capital Area Campaign Manager: Meet the New Campaign Associate

SECC Spring 2017 Quarterly, The Philanthropic Texan

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At some point in life, we could all use a little help. That opportunity couldn’t be more important today. Giving binds us together with our greater community and joins us in the shared mission of public service. I encourage you to consider growing your agencies’ SECC campaign.  Because payroll deductions let you spread your contributions across the entire year, vetted charities are rewarded with a steady source of revenue. The campaign is convenient, safe and rewarding for staff, and will allow your agency to show all Texans that state employees care about our community. I look forward to the 2017 campaign and working closely with the Local Employee Committee to best serve all state employees in our mutual charitable goals!


Porter Wilson

Executive Director

Employee Retirement System of Texas

photo of Porter Wilson


2017 Workplace Ambassador Resources

1)      Workplace Ambassador Guide – Because of You 

2)      Sample Emails and Messaging 

3)      Pledge Form - Printable Copy - State Agency | Pledge Form - Higher Education

4)      Pledge Giving Nexus (select agency only)

5)      Charity Search – Giving Nexus (recommended)

6)      2017 Charity Guide Booklet – PDF 

7)      Logos – SECC Heart and Together We Care Flag 

8)      Thermometer  (color) | (greyscale) 

9)      “Give” Campaign Poster 

10)   “Thank you” Campaign Poster 

11)   Charity Speaker Request

12)   Charity Fair Request

13)   Certificate of Appreciation/ Award for Volunteers

14)   Frequently Asked Questions

15)  Videos (SECC Capital Area you tube channel)

16)   ¿De qué se trata? (What’s it all about)

17)   Formulario de autorización de la Campana (SECC Authorization Form – Front)

18)   Formulario de autorización de la Campana Instrucciones (SECC Authorization Form – Back)



Thank you for attending the 2016 SECC Agency Awards Ceremony this past February. Thank you again to the Local Employee Committee, Janette Gibreal, Susan Dorsey, Doug Oldmixon, Jeff King, and Greg Bennett for helping make the event possible. Thank you to TRS and Don Green for hosting us.


photo of the Capital Area SECC Local Employee Committee

Local Employee Committee - State employees and campaign leaders who provide oversight.

2017 Chair, Janette Gibreal, Texas General Land Office

2017 Chair, Susan Dorsey, Texas General Land Office

Member, Leona Dixon, Comptroller of Public Accounts

Member, Rhonda Jefferson, Texas General Land Office

Member, Carol Harper, Office of Court Administration

Member, Reuben Leslie, Retiree (HHSC)

Member, Sylvia McPherson, Texas Workforce Commission

Member, Theresa McShan, Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Member, Marie Welsch, Texas Juvenile Justice Department

Member, Milly I. Lopez, The University of Texas at Austin

Member, Karen Marino, Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Member, Maria Moreno, Texas Medical Board

Member, Regina Sinnard, Texas Department of Public Safety


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