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The State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) is the only statutorily-authorized workplace campaign for State of Texas employees.

Thanks to legislation that created the SECC in 1993, employees of state agencies, junior and community colleges, and universities throughout Texas enjoy the benefit of giving to many of their favorite charities through an annual workplace giving campaign which features the convenience of payroll deduction.

  • SECC is an easy, effective and cost-efficient way to give to charities.

  • Contributions help improve the quality of life.

  • The campaign supports a wide variety of vital health and human services. 

  • All charities in the campaign must meet strict eligibility criteria.

  • The campaign is for state employees and is governed by state employees.

With the 24th annual campaign underway, your support is needed now more than ever.  As you consider making a voluntary contribution, reach out to co-workers and ask them to join you.
Our 2017 SECC statewide goal is $8,461,000.  Did you know? If half of the 267,000+ state employees each gave $65, we can meet this goal.  It takes everyone working together to support our state.  Thank you for your consideration!

Message from SECC Honorary Campaign Chair:

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

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picture of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick

Important Campaign News

Retired Employee Giving

For more than two decades, State of Texas employees have generously supported the SECC throughout their careers — and many want to continue their public service of charitable giving once retired.

If every retiree in Central Texas contributed $50
to a favorite charity via the SECC

our community would gain


to support community resources and human services!

MAKING A DIFFERENCE is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. select from hundreds of vetted charities,

  2. complete a SECC pledge form, and

  3. mail your contribution to your local SECC campaign manager.

THANK YOU … to the many retired State of Texas employees who have contributed to the SECC throughout their careers — and beyond!