Giving guide

Follow these easy steps to give to a charity of your choice:

  1. Contact your organization's campaign coordinator in your office. Not sure who that is? Contact management to find out. If no coordinator has been assigned, contact your local campaign manager for assistance.

  2. Search through your local directory of charities or the online database of all SECC-approved charitable organizations to find a charity to which you would like to give.

  3. Fill out a pledge form and return the complete form to your campaign coordinator or to your local campaign manager.

  4. SMILE … you just helped communities locally, statewide, nationally or worldwide!

Thank you for your support of the SECC!

What will my gift provide?

for one year:

  • provides a child with complete, basic childhood immunization against six diseases, supporting a healthy start.
  • provides vital cancer survivorship information and support to 80 cancer survivors.
  • provides seeds for one community or school garden, allowing families to grow nutritious, affordable food for themselves.
  • provides prescription glasses for five people in a Third World country.
  • covers the cost of planting of 100 tree saplings.
  • provides meals for a homebound senior citizen for two weeks.

for one year:

  • sponsors eyes exams for two children in need.
  • provides 12 students with an interactive CD on college-age depression and suicide.
  • covers the registration fee for one patient or family member to attend the National Organization for Rare Disorders Patient/Family Conference.
  • underwrites equipment and supplies for five people to spend a morning cleaning
    a beach or river bank.

for one year:

  • underwrites free museum admission for 30 students.
  • pays for a veteran’s occupational certification to find employment.
  • will help a family in crisis with their monthly utility or grocery bills.
  • provides lifesaving medicines to 7,200+ children and families around the world.
  • sponsors two local health advocates to attend a National Pesticide Forum and
    learn the skills needed to make positive changes in the community.
  • screens one uninsured woman for breast cancer.

for one year:

  • provides a full year of groceries for a homebound AIDS patient.
  • provides food for one guide dog in advanced training.
  • buys six cases of non-latex gloves to keep volunteers safe during beach cleanups.
  • supports training in an environmental career for a person with a disability.
  • provides scholarship assistance for inner-city children to attend a nature camp.

for one year:

  • installs a water distribution system to provide a reliable communal tap, delivering safe, clean water to communities in need.
  • offers transitional housing to a homeless veteran.
  • provides a $500 matching scholarship award for college tuition.
  • ensures safety from cholera for 50 people.
  • provides two high schools with science curriculum materials about the proper handling of chemicals found in the home.
  • furnishes a back brace to prevent further spine curvature to a patient with scoliosis.